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 Cubitainer🄬 Sustainability


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Our Liquid Containers

For a brighter future, ZACROS contributes to our world of tomorrow with our environmentally conscious packaging and containers.
Since 1964, we have been innovating liquid containers for half a century!
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Actual Applications of Cubitainer®

Cubitainer® are used in many scenes.
Industrial coating factories, swimming pools, hospitals, kitchens, gas stations, campgrounds, evacuation centers, etc.
It supports our day-to-day business and private lives.
  • Disaster Preparedness & Leisure (for personal use)

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Our bag-in-box solutions come in two shapes
  • 4 features

  • Compact

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Easy to dispose of

  • Low-cost

Cubitainer®(Molded Type)

Cubitainer®(Molded Type)

ZACROS was the first to manufacture and sell this product in Japan in 1964.
We currently have the largest global share of the molded bag-in-box market.

Z-tainerⓇ(Film Type)

Z-tainer®(Film Type)

Gusset bags made of two layers of film.
Designed with a handle, these standing pouches are very easy to carry.

  • Global Network

  • ZACROS’ Cubitainer® has a very robust global supply chain.

  • We will provide stable and reliable products to people around the world.

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  • Environment

  • Toward a Sustainable Society

  • ZACROS contributes to shaping a comfortable society by sustaining the environment through our value-added products.

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